Automatic dimmer timer 12-24V

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Automatic dimmer with easy installation and programming. With the automatic dimmer timer with dimmer, automatic sunrise and sunset is simulated by one or more 12-24 volt LEDs. Ideal for humans, birds, reptiles, amphibians and other animals.

Solar panels? Wind turbine? The lighting is powered by batteries? This product is for you !!!
Your pets are scared when they turn off the lights or turn them on!
Your LED lighting in the aquarium has no timer or automatic dimmer?
Your pets will thank you! We guarantee that!
The device is designed to carry soft start / stop LEDs and simulate dusk with time: 1, 5, 30, 60 minutes.

Dimming the automatic dimmer up and down

LCD display, 8-key keyboard. Device allows slow lightening and dimming of specified times.
Duration of 1, 5, 30 or 60 minutes.

The device is extremely easy to use! Plug in the + input and + output ... Done !!!! Terrarium, aquarium or aviary lighting, set the time of dawn and dusk hours and again done !!!

It's a quick manual on / off light or manually designating the beginning of dawn and dusk. For professionals and beginners adventure with reptile, aquarium or aviary. The product is the new standard in aquarium, terrarium, aviary classified as basic equipment.

The controller has non-volatile memory settings!

Automatic dimmer Compatible with any 12-24 volt LED.

Dimensions [mm]]: 32x36x4
Operating temperature: -40 ° C 60
Power supply: 12-24V DC
All times lighter / darker: 1, 5, 30, or 60 minutes Depending on the version purchased product
Output type: transistor "open drain".
Supplementary PWM output: Yes (inverse)
PWM frequency: 1 kHz
PWM resolution: 4000 steps (12 bits)
Power consumption in standby and operation: 7 mA (0.08 W at 12 V)
Maximum output power: 60W at 12V or 120W at 24V Imax = 5A

We are the official and sole distributor for this product in Germany!
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