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Gerband 586 hermetic

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Very flexible and stretchy PE-foil sealing tape with a special polyacrylate adhesive of extremely high bond strength and outstanding aging resistance. Gerband 586 is heat and cold resistant.

Gerband 586 hermetic is equipped with a PET thread fabric embedded in the pressure-sensitive adhesive, which reinforces the adhesive tape and prevents possible overstretching during processing. For air-tight bonding and sealing in the case of overlaps, connections and penetrations of steam brake films in the steil axle area in accordance with DIN 4108 part 7.

Gerband 586 hermetic is a very flexible polyethylene-

Adhesive tape with an extremely adhesive and moisture resistant

Polyacrylate pressure sensitive adhesive of very good aging resistance.

It is used for airtight bonding and sealing of penetrations

And overlaps of air-tightness layers

And Damp. In the indoor area according to DIN 4108-7

And is also used for the bonding of PP nonwovens,

Sheets, MDF and hard wood panels as well as plastics.

Product description


• Polyethylene film; Thickness 0.08 mm

• UV-stabilized

• Reinforced with PET thread fabric


• Polyacrylate pressure sensitive adhesive

• extremely high surface tack (tack)

• Average shear strength

Special characteristics

• very flexible

• Stretchable

• permanently moist-resistant (GPM 812)

• very good aging resistance

• the reinforcement prevents overstretching

• particularly low-emission

Technical specifications

Overall thickness (DIN EN 1942) * 0.34 mm

Tearing force (DIN EN 14410) * © 50 N / 25 mm

Elongation (DIN EN 14410) * 20%

Adhesive strength (DIN EN 1939) * © 30 N / 25 mm

Temperature range -40 ° C to +80 ° C

Equivalence of equivalents

Air layer thickness (sd value) 45 m

Internal core diameter 76.5 mm, 85 mm

Long 25 m

* In accordance with the respective DIN

processing instructions

• Processing at +5 ° C to +40 ° C

• Surfaces to be bonded must be free from release agents, such as greases, oils, surfactants,

Dirt and dust

• MDF boards must be pre-treated (Gerband Primer 6300)

• Leaking substances (for example, hexanal in OSB boards) can impair the bonding

• Store dry and UV protected at +5 ° C to +25 ° C


• Airtight bonding and sealing of penetrations and

Overlaps of air tightness layers and vapor retardant foils in the interior area according to DIN 4108-7

• Bonding of smooth and slightly rough PE sheeting

• Bonding of kraft paper without wax coating

• Bonding of aluminum strips

• Bonding of PP-fleeces

• Bonding of MDF and hard wood panels (e.g., OSB)

• Bonding of hard to impact plastic (pipes, windows), wood and metal in the invisible area